A little pet-project I've been working on. This is my first game, so any feedback is appreciated!


WASD to move 

Up Arrow is A 

Left Arrow is B 

Down Arrow is Select 

and Right Arrow is Start

P.S You might want to start a new game after every major update, as reloading a save from before might yield unexpected results.

P.P.S This was made (and is still being made) in the amazing GB-Studio! Check it out here: https://www.gbstudio.dev/

P.P.P.S You have to click on the game for your inputs to start registering, otherwise you cant play!

v1.3: UI Improvements, addition of music (community assets btw),         addition of new avatars, etc.


by Saliax · 1 post
by Saliax · 1 post
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